Use 3D Models to Impress in Your Next Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are all about making a good impression. And what better way to make a good impression than with a stunning 3D foam model? Whether you’re presenting a product, service, or idea, a 3D model will help you communicate your message more effectively and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Make Your Presentations More Powerful

Stand out at your business presentation with 3D models.

When you make a presentation, you want your audience to sit up and take notice. That’s where 3D models come in. With their lifelike details and vivid colors, these models can help your presentation stand out. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Start by choosing the right material for your needs: For example, if you need to show someone the inside of an engine or other complicated machinery, choose one of our full-color foam materials like ethafoam. It’ll give the most detailed results without requiring any time consuming detail work. Or if you need something more lightweight that won’t obscure what’s happening behind it, we offer clear-cast polyurethane. But if nothing else will do, ask us about how to order a custom model from our artists at Foam Fab! We’ll be happy to create exactly what you need for any occasion.

Types of 3D Foam Models

Tradeshow models are life-sized replicas of products or services that can be used for marketing or demonstration purposes. Sales models are small, portable versions of products that can be used for training or presentations. Machinery models are three-dimensional representations of machines that can be used for marketing or promotional purposes. Large equipment models are full-scale replicas of large machines, such as cranes or excavators. Plan floor models are three-dimensional representations of floor plans that can be used for marketing or training purposes. Terrain models are three-dimensional representations of geographical areas that can be used for marketing or educational purposes.

3D Models Make Sales Presentations More Powerful: How to Use Them to Sell Your Products and Ideas

As a graphic designer, you’re probably always on a lookout for new and innovative ways to impress your clients. If so, you might want to think about getting your hands on some 3D models and using them as part of your presentation process. In fact, these types of models can help you create memorable sales presentations that make all the difference when it comes time for that crucial pitch or presentation. So how do they work? What are they made from? And what should you consider before buying one? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about 3D foam models today.

How to make investor and sales presentations more powerful with 3D models of your product, ideas, inventions?

christmas event
You can use 3D objects for many seasonal events.

Human beings use all their senses to consume information and data. As a consequence, your investors and sales team would appreciate having a three-dimensional model of your product that they can touch and feel. Making a foam model is very affordable. This is an option well worth considering if you’re looking for an innovative way to get more traction with your investor pitches or sales presentations.

Don’t just tell investors about your products and your vision – show them with detailed 3D printed models.

Who can benefit:

  • Developers
  • Inventors
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Builders

Types of 3D Foam Models

3D foam models are commonly used in sales presentations, but you can also use 3-dimensional displays for any number of purposes. Whether you want a visual addition to your presentation or you’re looking for ways to inform customers about your business, including new products, 3D models are an affordable way to take your ideas from concept to reality. In addition, there are sales models, machinery models, large equipment models, plan floor models, and terrain models.

3D Foam Models from Foam Fab – A New Way to Display Your Product

If you’re trying to attract new customers, the best way to do it may be with the help of 3D foam models. These models are great ways to display your product and make it appear more lifelike than just an image on your website or brochure. They can also be useful in helping your customers visualize how they would use your product, which can lead to more sales conversions. Let Foam Fab experts take care of your new 3D models.

3D Models Make Presentations More Powerful

3D Models Printed with 3D Printing Technology

Don’t just tell consumers and investors about your products and services; show them! With 3D printing technology, we can perfectly replicate your product, revealing all the intricate details that differentiate you from the competition. 3D models showcase your ideas more dynamically, whether you’re at a trade show, making a promotional video, or getting ready for a sales presentation to win over investors. 

3D Models With 3D Printing Technology

There’s only so much you can do with a PowerPoint presentation, and words will only get you so far. Showing consumers how your product is special, how it works, and the innovation that separated you from the competition isn’t always possible, especially if we’re talking about large pieces of technology, industrial equipment, machinery, architecture, and building projects. 

Types of 3D Models

Our team can make the impossible possible. Thanks to our 3D printing technology, we can create accurate and budget-friendly 3D models like:

3D Models Created with 3D Printing Technology
3D printing can make perfect 3D models to show your product at the next presentation.
  • Trade show models
  • Sales models
  • Machinery models
  • Large equipment models
  • Plan floor models
  • Terrain models

You know what they say; you have to see it to believe it. Visual aids connect with the audience more intimately and emotionally, challenging all the senses and keeping everyone actively engaged in your presentation. Models are scaled down to size but are otherwise exact and accurate depictions of your product, down to intricate details, colors, and textures. 

Miniature 3D models of your creations, inventions, ideas, and visions let investors see for themselves, creating a deeper connection, a more intimate presentation, and is more likely to spark interest from investors, trade show attendees, and consumers.

Contact Foam Fab for 3D Models for Your Next Presentation

Our team will work closely with you to create a perfect replica of your products or idea, thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D printing services. Moving parts, intricate mechanisms, and moving parts are incorporated to give tradeshow attendees, investors, and your target audience a detailed inside look at your product. 

Foam models are scaled down to meet the essential requirements, and the lightweight materials mean they travel well for tradeshows, exhibitions, and events. 

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