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3D Printing

Foam Fab offers the capability to produce high quality parts, models and displays that simply cannot be made easily with other equipment.

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3D Models Created with 3D Printing Technology

Tradeshow Models

Trade show models are an important part of a company’s experience design, and are one of the best ways for a company to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services.

Now, with modern fabrication technologies, models are created in less time, are more affordable, more accurate, and have a higher level of detail than ever before. Models with interactive features, moving parts and advanced lighting scenarios set your experience apart, and attracts the attention of trade show attendees, allowing you to create immediate engagement and a long-lasting impression.

Foam Fab fabricates trade show props and replica models in any size. Let us turn your idea or digital models into a reality.

Large Equipment Models

It is very difficult and expensive to bring large pieces of equipment or machinery to tradeshows. That is where a miniaturized version of your equipment makes it very easy to ship and setup and portray the same visuals as your large-scale equipment. We specialize in making small models using different technologies to make the finished model as realistic as the original full-size model.

Machinery Models

We are often asked to produce scale models of industrial machines or equipment, from quite simple representations to highly detailed, very realistic-looking replicas. These industrial models are normally used at trade shows or exhibitions, but a few have been commissioned simply for display in board rooms or reception areas.

Plant Floor Models

Detailed Plant Floor models allow complete visualization of details and size comparisons that are very difficult to see in digital renderings. Whether factory floor equipment layouts, oil and gas refineries, treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, or power stations; these Plant Floor Models can clarify the details in planning for the new construction.

3D Models Printed with 3D Printing Technology

Terrain Models

3D printers can accurately create realistic 3D views of planet surfaces, ocean floors, drone captured terrains and underground geology formations, and even the surface of the moon. Terrain models can benefit developers, mining companies, outdoor sports industries, and educational organizations.

Creating 3D raised maps used to be extremely laborious even with the best equipment. 3D printers can create models faster than ever before, and make them more precise. 3D terrain models can be created using a wide variety of technologies to create as accurate as possible models. Models can be printed using thousands of colors and texturized elements, and traditional handwork for landscape can be added.

Architectural Modeling

Architectural models are used in the planning, design, fundraising, construction, marketing and sales process of homes, office spaces, retail spaces, hotels, medical and government buildings, educational institutions, resorts, churches, and more.

Architectural models are indispensable tools for selling and marketing real estate. A developer can show potential tenants or homeowners what they can expect once the development or neighborhood is complete. A scale model makes it easy to show retail and office space or apartments to potential tenants.

Many construction companies and manufacturers participate in trade shows where their products or projects are much too large to display. However, through scale models, these companies can demonstrate and explain the benefits of their products.


Dioramas are models that have been created to replicate a scene in 3D. Dioramas cover the gamut in size. They can be miniatures, showcasing a re-enactment of a war scene or they can be life size, replicating animals in a particular natural setting.
Dioramas captivate audiences. These beautiful works of art are typically the centerpiece wherever they are located. They are natural magnets attracting visitors to observe and experience the intricate details of the diorama model. These phenomenal details showcase the original designers’ dreams in bringing the scene to life. Foam Fab can provide dioramas for:

  • Architectural
  • Entertainment & Gaming
  • Museums & Educational Institutions
  • Resorts
  • National Parks

Aerospace Models

It is often hard to visualize a 3D object, based on 2D images or computer simulations. An industrial model tells the entire story. A model accurately portrays the idea and vision. Now, with modern fabrication technologies, models are created in less time, are more affordable, more accurate, and have a higher level of detail than ever before.

Models with cutaway views, take-apart features, interactive features, moving parts and advanced lighting scenarios, allow you to create immediate engagement and a long-lasting impression. Whether these models are used in the sales process, tradeshow exhibit, or approval processes, they can have a huge impact on closing the desired outcomes.

Commercial & Residential Models

It’s often difficult for those who are not in the industry to mentally visualize realistic 3D representations from 2D commercial and home design images. 3D printers can now affordably quickly produce 3D these models for portraying ideas and plans to interested parties such as buyers, city planners, investors and planning commissions. Investors and potential buyers no longer need to be able to interpret complex AutoCAD print-outs to visualize their potential investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can use most any major CAD or 3D file formats. If you don’t have a file and need help in design, we can help bring your idea to life.

It can be a number of different technologies, individually or combined. These range from 3D Foam, 3D printing, CNC Cutting, fiber glass molds, sculpting, painting, airbrushing, laminating, vinyl printing, and woodworking.

We match the correct material and fabrication process to your requirements in terms of presentation, size, and logistics. In our shop, we fabricate using different types of foam, wood, metal, resins, and acrylics.

There is no limit to the size of model. Logistics will be your only concern on an extremely large 3D projects.

This depends on the details of the project itself as well as the scale of the project. We usually ask for three to four weeks from the time we take the order to when you will receive the model. Smaller projects will take less time. We understand that sometimes deadlines are tight and we can accommodate rush orders.

We can make each project as detailed as you would like through sculpting and finishing with painting techniques that will give you project the look you expect.

Do you have a question we didn‘t answer? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-801-802-0617 or [email protected].

Foam Fab has delivered projects around the world.

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Steps in Creating a Large 3D Project

There are many steps in creating a high-quality large 3D project and each project is different. We will cover four general steps we go through on each project.

1 Choosing

the correct fabrication medium: Most of our projects are created using foam or fiberglass or a combination of both. When working with foam, we typically use polystyrene foam, specifically Rhino Foam EPS. Polystyrene foam comes in common densities ranging from 1 lb. to 3 lb. 1.5-2 lb. density works well for the best compromise in affordability (lower density is cheapest), ease of use (lower density is easier to cut and manipulate), and durability.

3 Applying features

You can adhere smaller pieces of foam (that were easier to duplicate or carve as a stand-alone). There are many process to use to get textures and features needed to create the project.

2 Using foam

We work in our 3D modeling software to create the design then we manipulate the model to use our CNC hot wire cutting machines to cut the parts out then put the parts together with a strong industrial adhesive. For more detailed projects we will have our sculptors sculpt the foam “free-hand” to get the right details for the project. Sculptors will use for finer sculpting and sanding many different types of small hand tools for final finishes before hard coating.

4 Finish work

There are a lot of methods to finish off the project depending on a number of factors related to project requirements, such as final durability, weather-proofing, temperature, mobility, strength, making casts and flexibility. Typically, you need to seal the surface and apply protective coatings. These finishes may be combinations of painting, air-brushing, flat-to-glossy finishes, soft-shell, and hard-shell coatings, sealers, and fiber glassing. These can be from latex, acrylic, polyurea, polyurethane, and many others.