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The Power of Foam: How This Simple Material Can Transform Your Water Park

The right design can really make an impression in any amusement park, and oversized sculptures are one of the most fun ways to do this. These works of art transform both guests and visitors into amazement, drawing crowds from all across the area who can’t believe their eyes at what they see when they enter your amusement park . . . or in this case, water park!

Rise to the Challenge

You can create a custom foam sculpture of just about anything you can imagine!

When patrons come to the park, they expect to be entertained. Anything less will quickly disappoint them, and your business will suffer. That’s why you need foam sculpture and props that are durable, water-resistant, and larger than life! It doesn’t matter what type of theme or colors you’re going for, because sculptures in different materials can provide the same amazing experience. It all depends on your budget and personal preference! The best way to decide is by considering these four categories:

  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • Size
  • Price

Durability is a must when it comes to amusement parks; people come expecting an interactive experience with a lot of activities. Amusement parks are also very popular places for children, so it’s important that any sculptures or features be kid-friendly as well as weather resistant (since kids might not think about how wet they’re getting).

Cost-Effective Marketing and Decorative Tool

Foam is a cost-effective marketing and decorative tool for amusement and activity parks. As a marketing tool, it creates awareness at no additional cost. Plus, foam is flexible and lightweight, which means you can use it to design features that can be seen from farther away. It’s also versatile – so your entire park can be customized! Finally, water parks require less overhead costs due to the versatility of foam. You can buy smaller tanks or move your equipment to a new location if necessary, because foam takes up little space and has low weight requirements. All this makes for an inexpensive option in terms of both resources and finances. The bottom line? Whether it’s as an inflatable game, boating obstacle course or decorations along a lazy river – foam will give you some great ways to keep guests coming back again and again.