Enhance Tradeshow Booth With Custom 3D Displays and Foam Letters

3d sign

There is no better place to showcase your brand identity and what it stands for than at a skillfully built display booth at a trade show. Businesses all over the world are innovating when it comes to promoting their products because marketing who you are continues to become more challenging as the media world gets congested. People truly notice you when you come up with a unique advertising strategy. And as such, what better way than to display unique foam letters and custom 3D displays at your tradeshow booth?

Why Use Foam Props

3d logo
Revamp your tradeshow with custom foam letters and 3D printed sculptures with Foam Fab.
  1. They are lightweight and versatile, which means they can form any shape you need them to. Therefore, certain billboards and structures can be custom-made from Styrofoam to create unique foam shapes that speak to your audiences.
  2. They add texture to your material by creating colorful, creative, and vibrant signs which will create fun photo opportunities for potential customers. 
  3. They are well-suited for branding public or personal events. 

When businesses continue to compete with each other, the only thing that sets them apart is unique ideas that make the customers pause for a moment in a fast-paced world and think, “Hm, this is interesting!” As a result of this, your foam ideas must always be fresh, unique, and out of the box. Do you have the necessary tools to create your own? If not, reach out to us at Foam Fab so we can guide you on what will help elevate your brand.

Reach out to us at Foam Fab to get foam letters and 3D printing done for your tradeshow now! We cater to all your 3D printing and signage needs and offer you the best customizable foam letters that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

How a Giant 3D Logo Can Increase Awareness and Visibility

3d sign logo

3D signs are most often used on storefronts. The reason for that is quite simple. With the help of 3D lettering, it becomes much easier for customers to find your business from long distances away, especially if you add the appropriate lighting behind those 3D logos. There are various benefits of a business using a 3D logo for its storefront.

Easy to Incorporate Any Lighting

As these signs are big and attractive, they can easily catch the attention of customers that are passing by at a distance. You can add any kind of lighting to these logos, whether it is interior lighting or natural lighting.

Oversized Foam Letters
A 3D Logo will make your brand stand out.

They Are Versatile

3D signage is not just limited to just one kind of sign. It can include various 3-dimensional elements, such as lettering. The versatility of these signs far exceeds that of the traditional ones as they come in different sizes, styles, and designs.

Highly Visible

Having a storefront sign positioned high above the store can make it come to life for potential customers, making a more significant impression. 

3D signage is incredibly effective for storefront logos as they have better lighting, quality, and visibility for your business. If that wasn’t enough, they are also incredibly practical and elegant. They also give you great returns on your investments in the long run by increased foot traffic for your business. As these logos can easily be customized in any way, they can suit your individual business brand needs.

If you haven’t come across us yet, reach out to us at Foam Fab to get 3D logos made for your business now! We cater to all your 3D signage needs and offer you the best customizable logos that make your brand (literally) stand out from the crowd.