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Foam Set Pieces in Louisiana

Bring Your Vision to Life With Foam Set Pieces

We are in the business of creating visually stunning, interactive, and memorable themed experiences. We collaborate with clients to design and fabricate Foam Set Pieces and ship them directly to your location in Louisiana. Your projects, presentations, and production will be more memorable, dynamic, and engaging with 3D custom foam fabrications in all shapes and sizes. 

Strengthen your brand message with 3D foam props

Whether you’re creating an in-store experience to engage customers or you’re putting on a theatrical production, the goal is the same; capture the attention of your target audience and draw in a crowd. 

3D foam props can:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Create immersive experience
  • Increase visibility
  • Deliver a bold brand message

Foam props strengthen your brand in-store and anytime to take your brand on the road to exhibitions, tradeshows, and events. We can customize each prop to highlight aspects of your brand personality or create attractive and engaging display pieces for your business. 

Nuanced and detailed 3D foam props

Our team pays special attention to small details and nuances that differentiate your brand and message from the competition. Custom foam props need to be specific to your brand, and our team works in close collaboration with you on every project to ensure we’re getting all the details right to achieve your goals.   

Custom 3D Foam Pieces and Displays Shipped to Louisiana 

We listen to our client’s vision and goals and use state-of-the-art technology to create custom foam fabrications and ship them directly to your Louisiana location. Get in touch today.