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Foam Props in Michigan

We Create Foam Props for Every Industry

For the past two decades, we’ve worked with clients all over the country from every industry on Foam Props. We love to take a concept and make it come to life in our workshop. Our passion is working with clients to find the most creative solutions to their needs and work within their timelines and budget. Once a project is completed, we’ll ship it to your location in Michigan.

3D Models for Branding and Promoting Your Business or Project

Visual aids make any project, event, promotion, presentation, or performance more memorable. Branding is all about creating visual and emotional connections with your audience. Whether you’re trying to bring more clients to your physical store or office, you’re hosting a major event, putting on a show, or having an investor presentation, 3D models can bring your vision to life and capture your audience’s attention. 

3D models for presentations

Getting investors to invest in your project requires a bit of creativity and imagination. If you can physically show investors what you envision, it will make it more likely for you to sell your idea. 3D foam models take a 2D idea on paper and make it come to life. Being able to see, touch, and visualize your plans will make you stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Our 3D  printing capabilities allow us to create intricate and detailed models of your vision to give investors and consumers a real-life visual of your idea and make it easier for investors to get on board and take a chance on your business. 

Get Custom Foam Sculptures, Displays, and 3D Models Shipped to Michigan

Contact Foam Fab for themed and promotional foam displays, sculptures, props, and other creations and ship to your location in Michigan and many other states.