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3D Signs in Illinois

Create Unforgettable Experiences With 3D Signs

With over 20-years of experience in fabrication, modeling, and sculpting, our creative team will create 3D Signs and deliver unforgettable customer experiences for every project and situation. We collaborate with clients all over the country and deliver the final products directly to your Illinois location. 

Transport Your Audience With Foam Set Pieces

We love to create complete and transformative experiences for your audience. Make your next theatrical production unforgettable with custom foam set pieces. Transport your audience and let them escape to the world you are creating onstage. 

The world you create should leap off the stage and envelop the audience, taking them on a journey from the moment the lights go down until the final curtain. Fabricating and sculpting set pieces out of foam is a cost-effective way to get incredible set pieces and props designed and fabricated to your specifications. The foam material is lightweight and easy to sculpt and carve, so the creative choices are almost endless. 

The more nuanced and detailed the set pieces, the more convincing your production will be, reinforcing the illusion you are trying to create. Custom set-pieces will immerse the audience in your world and make it a more memorable performance. 

Custom Created Foam Set Pieces Shipped Directly to Your Illinois Location

Bring your production to life with custom 3D set-pieces and props and let your audience escape into your fantasy world. Contact our creative team to get started and have the final pieces shipped directly to your Illinois location.