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3D Printed Props and Models Make Your Sales Pitch More Dynamic

Using 3D foam models, you can make your sales pitch more dynamic and engaging. 3D printing is becoming so common that if you aren’t using it, you probably aren’t on the same level as a competitor. 

When pitching an idea or trying to persuade a partner for funding, you’re going to need something that catches their eyes and makes them want to learn more about what you’re doing. Thankfully with 3D modeling and the right printing services, you can bring your presentation to a dynamic level.

How to Make Your Sales Pitch More Dynamic With a 3D Model of Your Product 

3D foam models are a compelling visual aid. Investors want to see the product they’re going to invest in rather than throwing the money at something blindly. With a 3D model, your investors will be convinced that you know what you’re doing. 

It is also much easier to understand an idea when you can see a physical model of the concepts and the products. Your colleagues and anyone you’re pitching to is going to greatly appreciate the extra step you are taking by using 3D printing.

Types of Visual Aids for Your Next Sales Pitch or Trade Show

If you aren’t sure what kind of visual aid to use for your next sales pitch, it helps to work with a professional company. They can teach you about 3D foam models and the fabrication process. 

In some cases, you may want an interactive foam prop. These can be made as big or small as you need, and depending on the type of investors you will be showing these to, the dimensions may vary.

Contact Foam Fab today if you think this will be the best step forward for your business and your next pitch.