Making Playgrounds & Parks More Family Friendly With Interactive Elements

The playground that you remember from childhood may have seemed simple and boring, but as a child it was probably one of your favorite places to spend time. These days, parents expect more from parks and playgrounds than just slides and monkey bars; they want interactive elements that are not only engaging but also provide an important educational benefit to their children. Large foam lettering pieces can be used to teach kids the alphabet, parts of speech, spelling, and much more. The letters can be mixed and matched with others or purchased individually, depending on the needs of your park or playground.

Large Foam Lettering Pieces for Family-Friendly Playgrounds & Parks

big pop up letter
Large foam lettering is perfect to market your family-friendly parks, recreation, and other public activities.

Large foam lettering is an excellent way to market your family-friendly parks and recreation, amusement parks, playgrounds, and other family friendly public activities. Large foam lettering is eye-catching, easily readable from a distance, and can be placed in strategic locations throughout your city or town. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Here are a few tips for using foam lettering to market your family-friendly business: 

  1. Choose a brightly colored foam that will contrast well against the background color of your chosen installation location. 
  2. Use simple, clear messaging that can be easily read from a distance.
  3. Think about how foam lettering might work best in your community. For example, at a waterpark, consider placing foam letters near the entrance, on slides, or on water play areas – places where kids are most likely to see them and adults will remember them after their visit.
  4. And don’t forget about safety considerations when choosing placement for foam lettering!

Enhance Your Brand, and Create Fun and Exciting Spaces

Foam Fab can help turn any playground or park into a more family-friendly environment by adding interactive elements. Our foam sculptures, props, and lettering are not only fun and exciting, but they can also help promote your brand. Plus, our foam is safe for all ages and is easy to clean. So if you’re looking for a way to make your playground or park more family friendly, we can help.