3D Foam Letters: How to Make a Big Statement

big pop up letter

One way to attract more attention, increase brand awareness, and increase chances of brand recognition and recall, is through the use of 3D foam letters. These nontraditional signage can make a huge impact on customers and help your business stand out from the competition in your industry. Foam lettering comes in many colors and sizes and can be placed in indoor and outdoor locations. When large, foam letters are definitely eye-catching, so make sure to utilize them as much as possible to get the most exposure possible for your business.

Custom Foam Signage

Getting noticed is as simple as putting your company name or logo on anything that will hold it — so why not go bold and try something like 3D foam letters? As long as you own or rent some space, you can easily create large custom signage by ordering from Foam Fab. Our product allows for endless customization options, ranging from size and type of material used, to shape of sign created. While traditional store signage will always be important, having something distinctive in its place can make your business stand out even more. Combining traditional store signage with 3D foam letters has many benefits for anyone looking to make a big statement with their brand. The low-risk factor alone is reason enough to give it a shot.

Oversized Foam Letters
3D letters are extremely versatile and can be used for many reasons.

3D Foam Letters

3D letters can be used for many reasons. Businesses owners can use them as signs, or even as logos. They are easily seen from far away, and because they are three-dimensional, they can make a large impact on customers. These foam letters will attract more attention than a traditional sign and making customers more likely to want to stop at your business rather than others. Customers tend not to remember billboards, but they do remember big 3D foam letters, so brand recognition is increased greatly by using these types of signage. When people see these large signs, it also increases brand awareness which leads people who have never heard of your business before into becoming potential customers.

One-Stop-Shop For Foam Letters

When creating custom signage, such as large foam letters, you can count on working with Foam Fab. We handle it all, from design to fabrication to installation. Trust us to create a more complete and interesting customer experience. Our specialists will help you every step of the way. We offer free quotes on all signage projects, and we have multiple options available at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information about our services or products that we carry.

How Amusement Parks Are Upping the Ante With Oversized 3D Foam Set Pieces

Whether you’re visiting an amusement park, attending the fair, or simply spending time at the playground with your children, having to wait in line has become part of the experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Set pieces for amusement parks are starting to use oversized and themed 3D foam set pieces to create highly-immersive and exciting experiences with lower wait times than ever before. This trend has been extremely well-received by both visitors and families, who will spend more money while they wait because they’re having so much fun!

Why Use Oversized Set Pieces?

You can create a custom foam sculpture of just about anything you can imagine!

A playground would not be complete without oversized 3D foam letters, or a castle can’t feel real without an accompanying dragon. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love climbing on top of a massive foam shark? With oversized set pieces, amusement parks are creating immersive experiences for their customers and introducing more than just fluffy fun. This innovative solution allows for unique designs that would be more difficult and expensive to create if the pieces were made from solid materials. The ability to create intricate shapes and multi-dimensional art installations are what makes these designs so compelling. The shapes are also versatile enough to fit in any environment: underneath a water slide, in an animal exhibit, around a playground — there’s no limit to where they can go!

How Would You Use Oversized 3D Foam Set Pieces?

By placing them in popular locations around amusement parks, companies can turn a simple space into a more immersive environment. As an example, we’ll use Disney World in Orlando, Florida. One ride – “It’s a Small World”, was designed to look like your typical amusement park ride — but it doesn’t. Huge boats take riders through all kinds of countries, which sets up children to not even notice that they’re passing by massive 3D foam letters spelling out “It’s a Small World” every couple seconds. By using oversized 3D foam set pieces to dress up areas and make rides feel less random, people can experience unique attractions like never before!

Future of Themeparks

Now that you know how theme parks use set pieces, we’re going to discuss how they will continue to innovate. The future of theme parks includes 3D foam lettering. It’s a fast, cheap, and effective way for theme parks to wow customers, while adding value at every turn. Their cost is significantly lower than traditional materials like fiberglass and steel. Large objects constructed out of fiberglass can take several months to complete, but because foam letters can be cut in a few hours, there’s a quick turnaround time for new ride experiences or expanded park offerings.