Considerations for Designing Large 3D Letters and Logos For Your Next Event

foam letter

Custom fabricated large 3D letters and logos offer many unique advantages for every event. They make the boldest statements and attract the most attention.  They are formed using polystyrene, plywood, or foam. They are coated with FR polyurea or fiberglass to withstand high impact and water resistance. They serve as great display features for conferences, launch parties, graduation ceremonies, etc.

A custom-crafted three-dimensional letter and/or logos are great ways to boost the impression of a party. For instance, an entry 3D welcome letter positioned at the entrance of a party hall can create a good first impression and hype guests’ expectations.    

Things to Consider Before Creating an Oversized Logo

3D Large Foam Letters
Create captivating displays for your store windows.

You don’t have to place large 3D letters that appear like a misfit in an environment. Before moving ahead to create your giant 3D logo, evaluate the event place and figure out the size of the event area and the size of your booth area. Create a 3D logo that perfectly fits into the parameter of the environment. 

Another essential factor to consider is “the purpose.” What is the objective of mounting a giant letter in an event place? Will people interact with the art by taking selfies or videos? It will be giant spacious letters that people can walk in between, around it, or underneath it just for fun snaps. 

Event Advertisement

Giant 3D lettering can also be used to advertise an event. It is usually positioned strategically or at a crossroad where many eyes can see it. While creating 3D letters for event promotion, consider mounting the letters at an attractive angle. The letter’s position matters most; your audience’s eyes will easily catch the piece when it’s visible and in a lovely position. 

Contact us right away to prepare your order; our experts will create compelling massive letters and logos for your fancy event. 

3D Logos and Sculptures Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Great visuals and infographics can create a good graphic representation of a company’s identity. However, 3D logos and sculptures added to it can further strengthen your social media presence and help your target audience perceive you as a brand driven by innovation and modern graphics and ideas. 

To grow a stellar brand on social media platforms, you will want to integrate new graphic and social trends into your visual campaigns.

The Need to Create Great Interactive and Visually Fun Stuff That People Can Post About

Attract multiple leads and engage with your customers.    

The world is always evolving, and marketing strategies will continue to be forever changing. A 3D design validates your professionalism and can even specifically target millennial customers to your business. The logo speaks a lot about who you are as a brand, what you do, and how what you do solves people’s problems. You can have a wonderful product, but if people can’t resonate with your visual image, they will struggle to buy your product. A 3D logo is a new way of communicating to the audience on social media that knows nothing about your brand that you are innovative, creative, and professional.  

How Oversized Foam Sculptures and Logos Can Create Great Photo Opportunities and Help Build an Online Community and Grow Your Audience.

Logo representation is a crucial aspect of marketing, and 3D Logos are the modern aesthetic trend in brand marketing. Furnishing your social media platform with a cutting-edge and professionally shaded 3D logo and high-quality sculpture impacts your brand positively,  and can lead to increased followership, good visibility, and an increase in sales. Plus, 3D logos and sculptures create quite the photo opportunity for customers who will post to their personal platforms, increasing your reach even further!

If  you need suitable 3D logos and sculptures for your business, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Foam Fab today.